Akko WW

Content Strategist

Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Performing exhaustive research to gain in-depth knowledge of all customer personas
  • Performing extensive research and analysis on consumer thoughts and trends
  • Creating specifications and content appropriate for the brand’s customer personas
  • Strategizing content pillars and sub pillars
  • Planning the editorial calendar and content proposition
  • Collaborating with content management teams, creative teams, and writers to implement the strategy
  • Overseeing writing style and tone for all content
  • Developing content governance guidelines for tone, style, and voice of all content, and ensuring they are followed
  • Developing editorial strategy, so content is consistent across all delivery platforms
  • Conducting periodic content audits
  • Tracking and calculating content ROI
  • Ensuring that content strategy meets business objectives
  • Strategizing and improving content delivery and promotion
  • Analyzing content marketing strategy to evaluate whether it’s working or not.
  • The ability to think about clients problems with regards to the objectives to be achieved through Digital Media (on various Digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Mobile) and devise solutions through digital channels as and when required.
  • Understanding the brief and create digital business and marketing strategies that align and support client’s digital plans to align with current campaigns and to plan for new engagements that will bridge the gap.
  • Besides, Client briefing, identify opportunities and/or challenges in a business where online assets can provide a solution, identifying the unmet needs and goals of the clients.
  • Monitor Digital & New Media industry trends and competitor offerings to identify potential business avenues and improve current offerings Strong focus on coming up with Innovative & Interactive Digital Media Campaigns & Ideas for the client. Focus on driving innovation and creativity for the client.
  • Showcasing case studies internally within the Organization which might have / might not have been used by the client which could help in pitching a similar concept to other clients.
  • Performing content gap analyses to determine what type of content is missing and what is needed.
  • Delegating tasks to writers and editors and providing feedback.
  • Creating, adjusting, and managing the editorial calendar.
  • Establishing style guides that specify the writing style and tone needed to create engaging content.



  • Clearly Communicate ideas to the Execution team and guide them on roadmap to deliver the objectives
  • Ensures initiatives are executed and managed in a phased and timely manner that meets and exceeds expectations and delivers against client objectives for digital and digital media campaigns
  • Re-examining of executions, studying the results and focus on coming up with new plans in case they need to be tweaked
  • Take regular feedback from the client regarding the quality of work and areas of improvement
  • Maintain client relationships at appropriate levels
  • Review Key Analytics (community traffic, etc) to identify a trend that has worked / not worked for the client
  • Proven content strategy and project management experience.
  • Sound knowledge of content management systems, keyword research tools, social media platforms.
  • The ability to work under pressure.
  • Strong content presentation skills.
  • Outstanding organizational and time management skills.
  • Excellent analytical skills.
  • Exceptional marketing and collaborative skills.
  • Effective communication skills.

Please send in your resume to hr@akkoww.com if unable to apply now.